A Fact

I screw it up
That is a fact
All the comes and goes
All this past behind
Dreams and hidden thoughts
Hunting me right now
I’ll fix myself a drink
And try to keep it down
It’s a fact… it’s a fact

It’s a fact, a fact
It’s, it’s a fact

Above the right and wrong
Beyond the excessive cost
I’m saving up to have
A normal state of mind
I’d pay for it to gods
The fine is really high
Sleeping’s getting hard
And books don’t ease the ties

It’s so hard, it’s so hard
It’s a fact, a fact
It’s, it’s a fact

My lungs are over smoked
My heart is over tight
The time is slowing down
I want to speed it up
But everything is right
Convince myself of that
I screw it all up
And that ‘s a fact

It’s a fact, a fact.
It’s, it’s a fact


from One, two, three, four, released September 18, 2014


tags: pop Barcelona


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Julieta Jones Barcelona, Spain

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