I know you, you know me
We know each other business
And we like it, they like it
I’m playing on a Saturday
I post it , you see it
You tell your friends about it
And we like it, they like it
Now let me introduce you to…

My partners, my colleges
It’s mingle time
We have some trivia stories that we share
When we have nothing to say
And then we laugh while we drink
Will I get a special treat?
Because I like you, you like me
Stop sucking my dick

Would you like to join the show?

I know you, you don’t know me
But I’ll get you on the list
Because you‘re someone, I’m no one
Unless you speak of me
Because I like you, do you like me?
I’ll share your fucking post
If you want to join the show, oh, oh…

Showbiz is dead

I know you, you know me
I read your magazine
I said I like it
I love it
I comment down on it
I’ll make some calls while it’s cold
Can we really warm it up?
Because I want it, I need it
Don’t you dare so say you won’t

Would you like to join the show?

Showbiz is dead


from One, two, three, four, released September 18, 2014


tags: pop Barcelona


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Julieta Jones Barcelona, Spain

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